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Pool Maintenance Different communities, and in general the Spanish society increasingly demand more and better sports facilities, flexible and adapted to the rapidly changing conditions of the user's needs.

The current user demands fidelity and guarantee the service of their interests. The formula for success in the competitive world followed by Cuesa Sport, sl is in fact closer and closer to the customer, adapting itself faster than all your needs and satisfy them, lending it a personalized and efficient service that sets us apart from other sporting companies.

Cuesa Sport, S.L. services developed in a new system of sports management.

  • Best administration.
  • New sports production systems.
  • Authentic marketing strategies.
  • Modern commercial organization.
  • Rigorous control and maintenance of the facilities.
  • Use, whenever possible National products.

For planning and development of our services in the management of sports facilities, we have a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals specializing in all aspects of this type of management.

These professionals work as a team, always looking for the best performance / cost quality of different services such as the organization and training of personnel, machinery, automation, energy saving studies, technical requirements of adequacy of facilities and special attention to the environment.

Cuesa Sport philosophy in managing sports facilities, is defined in two basic points:

  • Provide high QUALITY service user.
  • Return to get adequate service contractor, both economically and socially.

The profitability rely on the following aspects of management:

  • Cost planning.

Quality of:

  • Maintenance installation.
  • Using installation.
  • Quality staff.
  • Customer service.

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